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With a total supply of one trillion coins, we are frequently questioned about such a vast supply. With the world’s population rising, we aim for a circulation of 1 trillion coins to ensure that everyone who is a part of this rapidly expanding open world has access to it.

We are aiming for a 1 million active user database by next year.


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With this in mind, we have produced ‘Our Roadmap¬†for Growth’. This roadmap defines our objectives, how we will achieve them and what success will look like.



We are one of the sponsors of Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

Crypto Expo Dubai is the event for Investors and Crypto Industry leaders to network and Explore more business opportunities in the Crypto Space. We have made potential connections from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. These connections will help us in building our exchange and blockchain platform.


We are registered with UAE DMCC

TVG will be licensed, internationally acclaimed, and globally accepted. Being recognized from the free zone authority will help TVG to expand their business in gulf countries too.


TVG will be live in 3 or more exchanges

Our coin will be listed on 3 or more popular exchanges and people will be able to buy, sell, or trade. We have sorted 3 top Exchanges with International Approach towards the market. Bitmart, Kucoin, Binance, Lbank, XT are some of the sorted exchanges for TVG to be listed.


Commencement of Development and Analysis of our own blockchain

We will begin with a discussion on the development of our blockchain which will have less/no transaction fee. This
makes sure TVG is independent ignoring dependency and using less energy for transaction. Better transaction speed
and zero transaction fee can also be achieved.


Development of NFT E- Marketplace and Metaverse

We will be setting up the NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs. With the going trend and potential
behind the metaverse making sure that all the biggies are into it. We have planned multiple ways for people to buy
and sell their piece of digital art and experience it in the digital world.


Collaboration with NGOs Worldwide

We will collaborate with NGOs all over world with the starting phase. We have planned to collaborate with
150,000 NGOs worldwide. The first phase of collaboration will start with a minimum of 30,000 to 40,000 NGOs in the 2nd quarter


Integration with Casino Industry

We will be initiating the process of integrating TVG with the most emerging industry of casinos. We will be
having our very own online casino portal where you can use your staked TVG coins to play the game. With
advanced payment gateway setup converting TVG to INR or USDT, people all over the world are our target


Commencement of Utility Development

We will start the execution or development phase of using TVG coins on utilities. We will be collaborating
with third party utility applications making sure that TVG holders can pay bills, buy clothes or electronics and
many more just by a click.


Integration with the mobile game application

We will be targeting the gaming industry and TVG will be used for reward purposes. We will be having our own
gaming application where the games featured will be third party gaming applications. The rewards of TVG
coin in return of a victory in the game can be traded in the exchange platform.


Commencement of Development and Analysis of our own Exchange

We will begin the development of our own exchange which will have less or no transaction fees for TVG: The
Social Coin. The portraying of TVG as the mother currency of exchange will make sure we beat the USDT
pair in comparison to trading, converting & hodling.


We will be in every popular exchange in the world

TVG coin will be listed among all the Top 20 popular exchanges in the world for buy, sell and trade purposes.
We will be listed in top exchanges like Binance where the trading volume and liquidity is increased making
TVG be in everyone’s portfolio while trading or hodling.


Our own Cryptocurrency exchange platform

We are going to introduce our own cryptocurrency exchange by the end of this year. The final B2B or B2C
application ready to use after 7 times security check and function test. People can register and start trading
by now making profits !

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